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Eco Gas Traitement 1000 ml

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Concentrate for diesel fuel and gasoline

To clean the vehicle ince and to prepare dosage for standard product, either ECO GAS Diesel or ECO GAS Esssence; this will reduce consumption by 4,0 – 4,8 % immediately once the cleaning is done.

To clean up once monthly, on a regular basis, if the vehicles are lorries in international cargo transport, or if no BENCALOR tank and/or central filling facility is available to allow application of the standard ECO GAS agent, or if its correct dosage and use cannot be ensured when applied by a specife person before tank filling.

To clean up with occurring emission problens (after which, a double dose of ECO GAS Diesel or ECO GAS Essence is strongly suggested for the first 4 tankfuls, with regular dosage afterwards).

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Product Description

1l plastic container with dosimeter for diesel fuel and gasoline
– 88€

Dilute the agent in 1:200 ratio, meaning 1 litre of ECO GAS Traitement.



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